20 Dec 2019

Christmas is a time of giving.  We spend time with loved ones, show our love and give presents. Every year The Langports Foundation visits the Cherbourg Aboriginal community near Christmas to spread the Christmas spirit, to present gifts and prizes and spend time with the Elders in the community to learn about their history.  We thank our staff and students for their fundraising efforts at the student Christmas parties which helps to fund our Foundation activities.

This year Susie and John France, together with 10 students from the Gold Coast campus set off for a two day trip to Cherbourg.  The journey took them inland for six hours towards the area of South Burnett and Cherbourg.  When they arrived at The Ration Shed in Cherbourg, our students were greeted by an Aboriginal guide ‘Uncle Eric’, who shared many of his own personal stories and of his role in the community.  They spent a couple of hours being guided around all the exhibitions in the Museum and later that evening s...

27 Aug 2019

Hello, my name is Quy and I am 20 years old. I came to Australia to study English. I have been here for half a year and am currently living with other Langports students in student house. We are very happy with each other and always support each other when we need help. I am quite interested in living here because it has made me active to do everything for myself. I have to go to the supermarket, cook my own meals and clean up after myself. I have come here not just to study English but also to learn many other skills.

In my free time, I like to join my friends to discover the many beautiful attractions around the Gold Coast. We have explored many beautiful beaches, organised parties and have danced a lot at the nightclubs in Surfers Paradise. One of the best things I love most is that I have been able to make friends and acquaint myself with people from all over the world and am able to communicate and learn many interesting things from them. All of the exciting new experiences we are...

28 Jul 2019

Hi my name is Trong. I'm from Vietnam. I came to Australia and Langports. I have been here since January, and I've been studying here for 6 month already. This is the first time I have lived with an Australia homestay. I don't know any other Australia families but my homestay family is very nice and comfortable. My homestay mum and dad make very delicious food. Once my family made a burger. It was the best burger I have ever eaten. I also really enjoy the other food they make.

This is an amazing time of my life. I learnt and improved my English skills a lot. I have met a lot of people from other countries, and have begun to understand a little about their culture, food, and dance from different countries. I continue to make a lot of new nice friends from many different countries.

Life in Brisbane Langports is also so wonderful. I have a lot of fun studying and doing a lot of things on the weekend. Omg! It is a very busy holiday here but I haven’t forgotten to study as well. At Langports,...

24 Jun 2019

As you may know, this year we were able to bring two SAYL Scholarship students over from Vietnam to study for a year in Australia.  Trong, who is studying in Brisbane, and Quy, who is studying on the Gold Coast.  This months blog is an update for you to see how well they are getting on. 

Trong - Brisbane 

When Trong arrived in Brisbane he wasted no time in making friends and learning about his surroundings in order to make the most of his experience.  He is a very popular student and adapted very well to life over here in a short space of time.

Academically Trong is making steady progress with his English skills.  He was at Elementary level when he first arrived and has progressed through pre-intermediate to his current intermediate level in the PET classes.

Trong is incredibly social and plays ping pong every afternoon with friends.  He attends every student party and recently visited Movie World on a weekend activity with other students.  He was obsessed by the r...

27 May 2019

We were very excited to get an email from Tai telling us all about how his life has changed since coming to study for a year in Australia with Langports, and what he has been doing since he returned home.  Here is his update.  

So since I went home, I have been making my plan for future. When I came back, I was preparing to go university to study media and entertainment.  I spent more than a month at Blue Dragon to study all of  subjects.  At the same time, I went back to Red River Tea Room,which is my workplace before, to earn more income. However, the time was so urgent and the amount of knowledge of the subjects was too dense, I switched to another plan.  I wanted to go to Japan and was quite interested in graphic design, so I signed up and was attending an online Japanese class and an online graphic class.  I want to thank John for giving me a laptop that helped me a lot in the learning process.  And then another opportunity came to me, I got an offer from a travel ag...

16 Apr 2019

Hi everyone!

I am Trong, I am from Vietnam and now I am living in Cambodia. I am one of the children of the Blue Dragon organization who received Langports English study scholarship in Australia for one year. I studied at Langports Sydney in 2017.

Today, I want to tell you about my life after two years of finishing my course in Sydney, Australia.

I am living and working in Battambang province, Cambodia. I am a Norec volunteer and my job is to support dance teacher to teach breakdance for disadvantaged children here.

I have been here since 4/1 and I quickly got used to live here. Partly because the life and culture here are similar to Vietnam and partly thanks to English, knowledge and life skills that I learned after one year living in Australia. 

I work all week and only two days off are Friday and Saturday. In the morning, I usually start at 11am and finish at 12pm, but I always come from 8am to practice acrobatics.

After 12pm I take a break and return to work from 4pm and finish at 7...

27 Mar 2019

Each year at the end of January the Australian Government presents the Australia Day Honours List.  This list honours everyday people who have made a distinguished difference to the lives of others.  This year we are very proud to announce that Indigenous Educator, and our friend, Waverley Stanley was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM). 

Waverley is the Founder of Yalari,, a not-for-profit organisation that assists Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities, to receive scholarships and the opportunity to attend the leading boarding schools in Australia. Attending these schools enables the children to get the education and life experiences that they deserve. 

Waverley is an absolute inspiration who works tirelessly to achieve outstanding goals for every student.  He travels endlessly around Australia to raise awareness and much-needed funds by giving presentations, interviewing children and their families for the scholarships and by organis...

16 Jan 2019

Over the last two years, The Langports Foundation has provided Full Scholarships to two boys from Blue Dragon Children’s Home, Hanoi, Vietnam. 

In 2017 Trong studied at Langports Sydney and in 2018 Tai came to Langports Brisbane.

On January 27th of this year, we will welcome two more – Trong (2) who will be studying in Brisbane and Quy who will be placed on the Gold Coast.

Both boys have been selected by the staff of Blue Dragon as the most likely to benefit from their experience in Australia.  They both come from very disadvantaged backgrounds and have been with Blue Dragon for a number of years.  We will let the boy's tell you all about themselves, once they are here. 

Let’s all welcome the boys and give them a wonderful year at Langports.

8 Jan 2019

Happy New Year wishes to you all!  To start off the year we are bringing you an update from our two Yalari scholars, Norah and Carnett.  Norah is studying at St Hilda’s on the Gold Coast where she excels on the sporting field, is a keen fundraiser who studies hard and is in grade 10.  Carnett is at Scotts College in Sydney and is currently a grade 8 student who loves his rugby, is very proud of his family and culture and is makes studying a priority.  We are excited to share an update on how they are progressing.

The Langports Foundation is proud to be in partnership with Yalari to sponsor these two scholars.