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Trong lets us know about his journey as an SAYL Student so far...

Hi my name is Trong. I'm from Vietnam. I came to Australia and Langports. I have been here since January, and I've been studying here for 6 month already. This is the first time I have lived with an Australia homestay. I don't know any other Australia families but my homestay family is very nice and comfortable. My homestay mum and dad make very delicious food. Once my family made a burger. It was the best burger I have ever eaten. I also really enjoy the other food they make.

This is an amazing time of my life. I learnt and improved my English skills a lot. I have met a lot of people from other countries, and have begun to understand a little about their culture, food, and dance from different countries. I continue to make a lot of new nice friends from many different countries.

Life in Brisbane Langports is also so wonderful. I have a lot of fun studying and doing a lot of things on the weekend. Omg! It is a very busy holiday here but I haven’t forgotten to study as well. At Langports, they do great activities for students to enjoy and rest after study time. Sometimes they have parties in the week which make me feel dizzy with excitement. One of my favourite activities is to go on the weekend trips. I have really enjoyed activities like going to Wet 'n Wild, and Movie World. They are top. Oh and I cannot forget. I want to do Skydiving which is also my target to do here.

Actually, some of these activities I don't like because my heart is very small but it is still very good. I like doing things that scare me sometimes because it makes my very happy, and I have a fun time with my friends from Langports. Next, I really want to do activities like going to Byron Bay and Morton Island as I haven't been there before but I think it will be very good to see Australia more.

There are so many things to do and enjoy in Australia and at Langports. I can't tell you all how great it is here. I'm very lucky to have gotten the scholarship from Langports Foundation to come here to study and LIVE!

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