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Update on Our SAYL 2019-2020 Scholarship Students - Trong and Quy

As you may know, this year we were able to bring two SAYL Scholarship students over from Vietnam to study for a year in Australia. Trong, who is studying in Brisbane, and Quy, who is studying on the Gold Coast. This months blog is an update for you to see how well they are getting on.

Trong - Brisbane

When Trong arrived in Brisbane he wasted no time in making friends and learning about his surroundings in order to make the most of his experience. He is a very popular student and adapted very well to life over here in a short space of time.

Academically Trong is making steady progress with his English skills. He was at Elementary level when he first arrived and has progressed through pre-intermediate to his current intermediate level in the PET classes.

Trong is incredibly social and plays ping pong every afternoon with friends. He attends every student party and recently visited Movie World on a weekend activity with other students. He was obsessed by the roller coasters, as it was the first time he had ever seen them, and had a fantastic time.

He took part in our annual Langports Cup Games where our Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses compete in many different sports. He played in the ping pong competition representing Brisbane and his team took the title!

Overall Trong has been doing everything possible to ensure that he makes the most of his stay here in Australia.

Quy - Gold Coast

Quy has settled into the Gold Coast really well and has been enjoying his time immensely. He is very popular and has made a lot of friends. So many in fact that he is never by himself. He has endeared himself positively on all of his peers and, as he is the only Vietnamese student at our Gold Coast campus, he is having to communicate in English at every which point.

No doubt this has played a big part in the excellent progress he is making from an academic perspective. The most notable improvements have come with his writing and listening macro skills as he has recently progressed from level 2 focus classes to where he is now, in level 3.

Quy is also incredibly social. He played an integral role in our Langports games as part of the dance group as he is a fantastic dancer. He has been to a rugby league game and had a great time at a recent Langports student party. Outside of school he attends BBQs and student nights with his friends and has also been trying out the local sugar sensations!

Overall Quy is really immersing himself in life on the Gold Coast and best of all his English language skills are really coming along nicely.

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