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Update From Our SAYL Scholar Tai

My name is Tai and I come from Vietnam. I have been living at Student Central Apartments, in the center of Brisbane for over 3 months already.

My 2 roommates come from Germany and Chile. I love living in Student Central Apartments because this student residence has so many things to do. For example, my favorite floor is level 4. It has a swimming pool, pool table, BBQ area and ping pong. I spend most of the time with my friends on the weekend in there. Like last weekend, we had BBQ party, a lot of people from different country joined, some people swam, some played pool or ping pong. It was really good.

Besides level 4 floor, I spend my free time in level 21 where it has a study area and music room. I love playing piano, when I arrived Australia I thought I couldn’t have chance to play it until I come back to my country. But, luckily in the music room they have a piano and a guitar. So I usually play piano after school. And the study area is so good for studying because it is so quiet. I even couldn’t hear any noise. It makes it easier to remember vocabulary.

Living in Student Central Apartments gives me a lot of experience, makes it easier to make friends, and helps me make my time living in Brisbane perfect.



To learn more about Tai’s experience, watch the video:

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