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An Update From Tai!

We were very excited to get an email from Tai telling us all about how his life has changed since coming to study for a year in Australia with Langports, and what he has been doing since he returned home. Here is his update.

So since I went home, I have been making my plan for future. When I came back, I was preparing to go university to study media and entertainment. I spent more than a month at Blue Dragon to study all of subjects. At the same time, I went back to Red River Tea Room,which is my workplace before, to earn more income. However, the time was so urgent and the amount of knowledge of the subjects was too dense, I switched to another plan. I wanted to go to Japan and was quite interested in graphic design, so I signed up and was attending an online Japanese class and an online graphic class. I want to thank John for giving me a laptop that helped me a lot in the learning process. And then another opportunity came to me, I got an offer from a travel agency and I got the job.

I am currently working at a travel company with an electric bicycle and as an operating assistant, responsible for the electric bike segment. In order to get a good job now, I need to have English so I really thank Langports, thank John and thank you so many sponsors who helped me last year.

My life is now much better than before. I am really looking forward.


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