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Quy tells us about his time in Australia and at Langports as an SAYL student...

Hello, my name is Quy and I am 20 years old. I came to Australia to study English. I have been here for half a year and am currently living with other Langports students in student house. We are very happy with each other and always support each other when we need help. I am quite interested in living here because it has made me active to do everything for myself. I have to go to the supermarket, cook my own meals and clean up after myself. I have come here not just to study English but also to learn many other skills.

In my free time, I like to join my friends to discover the many beautiful attractions around the Gold Coast. We have explored many beautiful beaches, organised parties and have danced a lot at the nightclubs in Surfers Paradise. One of the best things I love most is that I have been able to make friends and acquaint myself with people from all over the world and am able to communicate and learn many interesting things from them. All of the exciting new experiences we are sharing with each other will be with us forever and I personally will never forget them.

When I arrived in Australia, I faced a number of challenges, with communicating in English being one of them. It was quite tough when I arrived because I couldn’t express all my ideas or exactly how I was feeling. It was also difficult because I had never lived abroad for such a long period so I had to change my lifestyle, habits and ways of thinking and adjust to Australian culture. I am a lot more comfortable now and I am extremely happy with my life at Langports. Now that my English is much more improved than when I first arrived, I would like to find a job so I can start earning money and expanding my experiences.

As you can read, my time here on the Gold Coast has been great so far and I am thoroughly enjoying this experience. I hope the next 6 months of my stay will be as fulfilling as the first 6 months and I can reach all of my academic and personal goals.


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