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Update from Blue Dragon in Vietnam

The Blue Dragon Children's Foundation provides services and support to children in Hanoi, Vietnam. They tailor support to the individual needs of each child: education, nutrition, health care, counselling, physical and creative activities, rescue, legal advocacy and safe shelter led by our team of social workers, psychologists, teachers and lawyers. The children they work with have a deep commitment to improving their lives.

They aim to break the poverty cycle by offering education, training and job opportunities to those who need them the most; street kids, child victims of trafficking and the rural poor. We continue to support their cause each year by funding the education of 10 children and sponsoring a teacher.

We are proud to work with them and would like to share this update below from Michael the Founder and CEO of Blue Dragon.

Dear John,

Today I have some great news. The annual Rescue Appeal is now all wrapped up, and thanks to our friends around the world we've raised a total of $252,890 for kids in crisis!

In reality, this is enough to make a difference in the lives of 388 children! This means we're able to:

  • Rescue 93 young people from sex trafficking; and

  • Provide psychological care and education to 95 survivors of trafficking; and

  • Look after another 200 children to make sure they are safe and cared for throughout the year.

All up, this means we now have a year to do some great work and change even more lives.

Throughout the year, keep an eye on Blue Dragon's newsletters and updates so that you can see the impact we are having here in Vietnam. With calls for help still increasing, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to stay involved and be part of this important work.

John, together we can make a real difference.


Michael Brosowski Founder and CEO

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