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SAYL - Monica from Mozambique

In 2019, Danilo the Founder of West1 (and Friend of the Foundation) contacted John to ask if the Langports Foundation and Langports English Language College would support the idea of a Scholarship to Monica from Mozambique. We agreed that we would support Danilo and Monica, but then the pandemic happened and plans were delayed.

Finally, in 2021 when we had news of international borders re-opening, Monica could apply for her visa to come to Australia. We were so happy to welcome Monica to Langports in July 2022 for ONE year.

Monica arrived with very little English, but quickly got to work learning and making many friends. One year later, Monica graduated from Langports with an advanced level of English to take her forward with whatever pathway she chooses to take!

Here are a few photos from Monica's experience and a letter she wrote about her experience.

Monica's first day - meeting Anna, Langports' CEO and presenting gifts of traditional clothes and earrings.

Hi, my name is Monica Salvador Buene. I am from Mozambique which is a country in Africa. I came to Australia in 2022 and attended Langports to learn the English language. I had a very unique experience studying in Langports English College, Langports gave me an opportunity to meet people from different culture and backgrounds and help me understand how difficult communication can be when everyone speaks different languages.

What I enjoyed the most about this English College is that we do fun in-class activities and take field trips to know the different places around Brisbane. We also celebrate international day in school where everyone brings and showcase something from their country that represents their culture such as food, clothes, music and dances. There are also sporting events for students to part-take in to enjoy their experience in the college. I really like all my teachers, they are very kind and patient when it comes to helping students improve and learn English, they never fail to remind us why we are in Langports English College.

I received a scholarship from Langports English College when I was in my country that made me happy to travel to Australia to study English. The scholarship gave an opportunity not only to me but also to my family who had to watch me travel to Australia and witness this a amazing moment of my life first hand. Langports exceeded my expectations in welcoming me and also in accepting as part of their family in terms of making students feel at home even though they are in a different country where language and culture is completely different from their own. The teachers are very helpful and kind towards all students, they show support and help in areas that are challenging for students. Being part of Langports it was a great pleasure, I have learned to respect the opinion of others while at the same time living a good life and capturing remarkable moments that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

When I first came to Australia, I remembered how difficult it was to learn English and to communicate with others. In the first month I fought through and overcame it to be able to take advantage of the opportunity I received and today I am able to communicate with other people using the English language because of the opportunity Langports gave me. I would like to say thank you to Anna and John from the Langports Foundation for the scholarship to study English. Not only did it help me build a career but also exceed in life. It was such a pleasure meeting you guys you are such amazing people; I don't have enough words to express how grateful I am. Thank you so much.

Best regards,
Monica Salvador Buene

Monica's graduation! Photos with Barry, Mizuho and Luke.


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