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Proud to be supporting young Indigenous students through Yalari

On the last Friday of March, our Sydney school welcomed a very special guest – Mr. Waverley Stanley, Founding Director of Yalari.

Yalari is a not-for-profit organisation that offers quality, secondary education scholarships at leading Australian boarding schools for Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities.

Since 2005, Yalari has been providing Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities across Australia the opportunity to receive a full boarding school scholarship for their entire secondary education.

“We believe education is the key to generational change and a brighter future for Indigenous Australians and for our nation as a whole. We are deeply committed to the ongoing success of our national program of scholarships, student support and post-school opportunities.”

In 2018, they have 187 students on Yalari scholarships nationally and an alumni group of 313 studying at universities, working or undertaking further training. Please look at their website

The Langports Foundation have been supporting Yalari for more than 8 years and have helped them to provide better educational outcomes for a good number of students. Currently The Langports Foundation provides Full Scholarships to Nora, who studies at St Hilda’s School on the Gold Coast and to Jordan who studies at Sydney Church of England Grammar School.

Waverley firstly spoke with our students at graduation and gave them an insight into what life was like on an Aboriginal Reservation and to his own childhood in Murgan, Queensland. He spoke positively about the future for Aboriginal children in Australia and passionately on the importance of education. He was given the opportunity of a good education by his teacher Miss Rosemary Bishop and this is what inspires him to do what he does, with great energy and drive. You can watch a video about Waverley and his projects by clicking here.

Yalari is only one of a few educational projects that The Langports Foundation supports and it is a great privilege to help provide a better future for disadvantaged children through education. The Langports Foundation is a registered charity and is funded by Langports, it’s staff, students and Friends. Langports Sydney is 100% owned by The Langports Foundation. All profits go to helping those in need.

So by choosing study at a Langports School, you are also helping us to make the world a better place.


John France

C.E.O. and Founder

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