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Yalari Scholarship

The Langports Foundation provides funds for scholarships for Indigenous children to attend private Australia high schools. This scholarship includes a place at one of Australia’s top boarding schools for five years.

In 2010, Chelsea, Kara, Ricky and Justin came to Langports from Maningrida and Gapuwiyak in North Arnhem Land (Northern Territory). They were all on Yalari Scholarships starting in grade 7. However, since their native language wasn't English, they stayed with the Langports family for 4 weeks while receiving private lessons to help their literacy and transition into their private high schools. 

In 2016, Chelsea graduated from grade 12, making John and Susie extremely proud to have helped such a wonderful young lady achieve such a milestone. 

In 2015, we welcomed our new scholarship recipient, Norah.  She is attending St Hilda’s in Surfers Paradise. Norah, continues to do well at school and we look forward to sharing her achievements in the future. 

For an update on Norah’s progress on her Yalari scholarship, please read the blog from 20 December 2017

In 2018 we are pleased to support a new Yalari scholarship student Carnett who is attending The Scots College in Bellevue Hill Sydney.


He is a joyful young man who walks around the school with a huge smile on his face. He is well-liked by his peers and teachers and his favourite subject is Maths.

We are excited to watch Carnett's progress as he continues his education.

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