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Trong Lets Us Know What He Is Up To!

Hi everyone!

I am Trong, I am from Vietnam and now I am living in Cambodia. I am one of the children of the Blue Dragon organization who received Langports English study scholarship in Australia for one year. I studied at Langports Sydney in 2017.

Today, I want to tell you about my life after two years of finishing my course in Sydney, Australia.

I am living and working in Battambang province, Cambodia. I am a Norec volunteer and my job is to support dance teacher to teach breakdance for disadvantaged children here.

I have been here since 4/1 and I quickly got used to live here. Partly because the life and culture here are similar to Vietnam and partly thanks to English, knowledge and life skills that I learned after one year living in Australia.

I work all week and only two days off are Friday and Saturday. In the morning, I usually start at 11am and finish at 12pm, but I always come from 8am to practice acrobatics.

After 12pm I take a break and return to work from 4pm and finish at 7:30pm. On holidays, I often spend time with rest or travel with friends. In addition to teaching dance, I also learn more about circus, Khmer and English.

Life and people here make me very happy, and at the same time make me remember memories with friends who I met when I was in Sydney. The memories I never forget.

I would like to express my gratitude to Langports and Blue Dragon children’s Foundation for helping me overcome my situation.

I would like to end here and see you again on the nearest day!


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