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Yalari Update: Norah Hegedus

The Langports Foundation provides funds for scholarships for Indigenous children to attend private Australian high schools, which includes boarding for 5 years. Our current student, Norah Hegedus, has just completed Year 9 at St Hilda's on the Gold Coast, and we are happy to share her Semester 2 report below with you. We wish her all the best next year!


As the 2017 school year comes to a close there are twenty one Year 12 students who are now “new graduates” and finishing their time at partner schools. All of our graduates leave with hopes and dreams for their future, along with solid plans to follow to make those dreams reality, whether they be heading off to the world of work or furthering their studies. Their plans are as varied as the communities from which they come and the journeys on which they have already been.

We are looking to welcome forty-seven new scholars into the Yalari family for 2018 and are gearing up to have all our team in place to best support these young ones and our ongoing students.

We thank you for your continued support of Norah and we trust that you, like us, are inspired by her hard work this year.

From Norah:

Year 9 has been challenging but I have really enjoyed it. I don’t feel very homesick at school anymore, so that has been a good thing. I know that I am lucky because my family doesn’t live very far away, only a couple of hours, which is not much compared to some of the other Yalari kids. It has been good that I have been able to see Mum quite often this year.

I loved the two Yalari camps that I went on this year. The first one was the Outback camp where we went to Central Australia and spent a week in the desert. We drove around and saw lots of different places and camped out under the stars. The other camp I went on was the Cherbourg Walk, which was a big hike from Kilcoy to Cherbourg in Queensland. At the start of the week I didn’t know many of the other kids very well so I was a bit nervous. But walking together for over 100 kilometres, I got to know lots of new people and so I had a great time. It was good to meet lots of different people from all around the country.

I have been trying my hardest with my school work this year and I have made sure to try and ask questions when I don’t understand things that we are learning in class or in our homework. I am looking forward to next year being in Year 10. I can’t believe that half of my high school years are finished.

Thank you very much to the sponsors who have given me the chance to come to school at St Hilda’s. You have made a huge difference for me and my family already.


On another note, inspiring Yalari Alumni, Tyson Holloway-Clark graduated this week from Melbourne University with Honours in Law, a big congratulations!

For more Yalari news, please click the link for their latest Newsletter:

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