Cherbourg Community Christmas Visit

Each time we take a group of Langports Students out to visit the Cherbourg community, we look forward to giving them a unique experience. Why is it so unique? To start with, we go inland, into the vast expanse of Australia’s Outback. The term Outback or Bush is given to the vast lands of wilderness that make up large parts of Australia. The ‘Bush’ that we drove through for about four hours, once we had left behind the outskirts of Brisbane, was mainly large expanses of grass dotted with trees or forest areas of eucalyptus gum trees. When we had climbed up the ranges, we drove through Bunya tree forests until we reached the area about 20kms from Cherbourg that have been planted with vines and

Update From Our SAYL Scholar Tai

My name is Tai and I come from Vietnam. I have been living at Student Central Apartments, in the center of Brisbane for over 3 months already. My 2 roommates come from Germany and Chile. I love living in Student Central Apartments because this student residence has so many things to do. For example, my favorite floor is level 4. It has a swimming pool, pool table, BBQ area and ping pong. I spend most of the time with my friends on the weekend in there. Like last weekend, we had BBQ party, a lot of people from different country joined, some people swam, some played pool or ping pong. It was really good. Besides level 4 floor, I spend my free time in level 21 where it has a study area and musi

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